hardwood table

This is the recycled hardwood wool table which Gary cut down and reassembled as a dining table for our daughter Mia. I am asking him to make more as it looks so good. It is topped with a recycled plate glass sliding door’

Hi everyone, So the summer that never was is now over, finishing with a deluge. Milton did not get as much rain as everwhere else and it didn’t stop the Milton show. The show committee work so hard to organise a great country event. The horse events were cancelled but everything else went ahead and so it was still a highlight of the loacal year.

I am pleased to report that Bunyas did reasonably well. I didn’t enter any jams this year or organic veges but Gary won second prize with his “any article made from recycled timber. The table he made for Mia was an old wool table which was beyond repair so he cut it up and made a smaller version. He topped it off with a sheet of plate glass which was recycled from the sliding door we removed from the back of our house when we renovated it.

Hi everyone out there.Well summer is nearly over and the best time of the year is coming up. Autumn on the South Coast is lovely. The worst of the heat is over but the water is warm and the days still long. The huge crowds are gone and everyone relaxes a bit.

I have had a few days off ( removal of tooth) and have been quietly spinning and knitting as that is all I have felt capable of. My friend Julie gave me a beautiful fleece the other day. It had only just been shorn off Gavin’s sheep last week. The staples are as long as your hand and after it is washed it is a soft white. Its a merino crossbred sheep that is grazing in a local paddock so the beanies I am making are definitely what you would call low milage. I have mixed some with some grey corriedale which is so soft and after I get bored with the natural colours I will do some dyeing again. I think I will go for some coral and rust colours.

The other thing I have been up to is setting up an etsy shop. I love browsing on Etsy as you can see what people all over the world are creating and there are some fantastic ones. I must admit that I don’t buy much but then I alays prefer to make my own tings.

 The shop will be up and running as soon as the pay pal set up is verified. Its another string to our bow and we hope it will mean people can purchase our smaller items without having to make the arduaous trip to Milton. ( I am joking as its one of the loveliest places in the world, that’s why we live here ). As well as my organic fibre pieces Gary’s tins andother smalss will also be available. Its a bit difficult to post things like wool tables and meat safes so we will concentrate on small items which can easily be posted.

 Here are some photos of some of the beautiful silk kimonos I bought in Japan.It took a lot of searching to find these beautiful old pieces. Most have only been worn for ceremonial occasions and so are in excellent condition. Mia makes a great model but then mothers can be biased.

This short kimono is lined with soft pink silk. Iy is a pre WWII hand tied and dyed with a natural dye

Bye for now


After a great little holiday I am back at work at the Bunyas. It was a working holiday so I have spent the last few days cleaning and pricing lots of interesting smalls from the Hunter Valley and Newcastle areas.. My favourites are a little pokerwork bellows with “Keep the home fires burning” etched in and an art deco glass butter dish in an EPNS stand.

While I was away Gary has constructed a table which is like a smaller version of a wool sorting table. It has a sheet of plate glass on top of the slats and looks fantastic. Its an order for our daughter Mia (they designed it together) but Gary is pleased with it so will make a couple more.We have two real wool tables in the shop. They are great pieces of Australian history and can be very useful.

Wool sheds and the shearer’s quarters are some of the best places on the properties which we gp to and its getting harder to buy these tables as they have often been replaced by modern steel ones. There is a smaller version called a skirting table but it often has a sloped top which is less usefull.

Bye for now


I am so excited as I think I have finally worked out the photo process properly. Here goes:-

Greg McNevin wearing handspun and knitted vest in his Tokyo apartment

It seemed appropriate to put Greg in as he has taken most of the photos. I finished the vest for him when we were in Japan last year and then made a matching beanie for Christmas. Am waiting for a new photo of him wearing them standing in the snow in Tokyo.

It makes me so happy for my garments to head off into the world and keep people comfortable and good looking.
It has been a pretty cold summer here and so woollen garments are selling well. Knitted ones take a while but the felting is so exciting because its almost instant once you know what you are doing.

Wool and silk felted scarf, hand dyed

 I am sure this site will become more professional with practise but for the moment the scarf will have to be viewed on its side.

I really like the way that bombyx silk added to the felt gives an extra lustre. It takes the dye up differently too although I did use some shibori technique on this one. I would love to go back to Japan and learn more about shibori and indigo and ikat weaving.
Bye for now
Susan C

Hi everyone,

 The big news at Bunyas is that after a very busy Christmas Robyn and Shirley Raine have decided to retire from the antiques business. They have shared our retail space for the last 3 years but are ready for a more relaxed lifestyle. So, they will be having a big sale over the next month to clear their stock. There will be some lovely china and brass ware and rugs and mirrors and prints going cheaply so call in if you can.

Gary and I have been busy of course. Its late summer so the fuit is becoming plentiful and that means jam making and pickles. We have been cooking up a storm. I am glad we are getting some rain but also that it is not as much as the north of the state. The latest batch is nashi pear and cumquat. It looks great and tastes even better.

I made up an indigo pot the other day and had great fun dying everything in sight blue, including myself. Very please with some superine merino yarn and also some damask napkins  and crocheted cloths which took the dye really well.

Gary has purchased some great smalls this week and has been busy cleaning them up. They will be going into the shop today. My favourites are the set of 4 blue enamel eggcups and the beautiful timber framed photos of the 1900’s but Gary likes the cut throat razors and the kero lamps which still have their original old flutes.

The Murramarang Spinners met this week for the first time since December and it was great to see all the friendly faces. Everyone is gearing up for the Milton Show and also our first ” outside”

kerosene lamps

exhibition which will be held at the Dunn Lewis Centre in Ulladulla in early May.

It will be called “Coastal Yarns” and should be great.

Bye for now . I am off for a holiday with my Mum leaving Gary in charge

Susan C

I must apologise for the lack of photos. especially of the felted boleros as 2 of the 3 I made early this week have gone. I am definitely getting better at felting but not at transferring photos.

Yesterday was the first really rainy day here in ages so I spent the day sorting through my stash of  fabrics and wool and sewing notions and took most of it in to the shop. It filled the van. I figure if I need something I can always take it home again but I didn’t plan on how long it would take to price everything. I often buy other women’s “stashes” when we go to a clearance sale and so have acquired more than your average hoarder. I didn’t really need a couple of hundred knitting needles did I?

Some of the fabric and patterns are from the 1940’s and 50’s and 60’s and are classics. Some things don’t change and some do and its fun to play with the old and make it new again.

I just hope nobody wants to buy the 1940’s kitchen dresser which I have managed to fit a lot of it into. It had so many drawers and shelves I could organise all the bits so they can be seen easily. Gary has done a great job restoring it ss many of the handles were missing but he has got all the doors  opening and clos.ing just right

Well the NSW school children will be back at school this week but not the ACT, Victorian or Catholic school systems so the Christmas school holidays are not quite over. So, Bunyas Organics and Antiques will stay open 7 days a week until the 7th of February when we will actually close for a day.

Its been a very hectic holidayperiod with thousands of people coming through our shop. Its great to see old customers again and to meet new ones. Everyone seemed happy, possibly because the weather was so fine.

Our Australia day sale goot some furniture moving around the state. We can offer free delivery to Canberra in February as we have a van going there.

New items in the shop tomorrow will be a series of felted woolen boleros which I have been working on for the past few days. They are bright quirky things which are very flattering for the female figure.

Now that it is quieter I am going to offer free knitting leassons. I have an unorthodox approach to knitting which I would like to share so if there is anyone who would like to learn come along on Wed or Friday afternoons and either bring some wool and needles or buy some from me and I will get you started.

Bye for now

Susan C


To celebrate Bunyas at Milton are offering 26% off all our Australian furniture till Monday.We have a great selection of Australian country furniture. Most of it we have purchased at clearing sales on farms and Gary has cleaned and restored each piece very well. Meat safes are one of our specialities but there are also tables and chairs and kitchen dressers and sideboards and two huge wool sorting tables. You would need a large space for them but they do make impressive display tables or  great banquet tables for outdoor areas.

 We are doing another delivery to Canberra before the end of February and also a run up the coast to Port Stephens in mid Fevruary so deliveries  to anywhere in between can be organised easily. Ohter places are easily serviced by local carriers. We recently sent a pair of bras beds to Perth which were delivered by truck, train and truck relatively cheaply.

Bunyas has plenty of parking at both the front and rear of the shop so please feel free to use either. We share a driveway with the Doctor’snext door so its best not to block the actual driveway.

Please say hello to whoever is working on the day if you have been reading this blog. Its great to get feedback.


Gary and I are not in the shop today. Robyn and Shirley are in charge till Wednesday and we actually have a day at home together.

If its not too hot we will be working in the garden . Hopefully we will be planting a second summer crop as summer seems late this year and we can usually extend our picking of summer vegetables till June.

 If it gets hot we will move into the wokshop and restore some great old dingy oars which I picked up on the weekend.One set have lovely old pale green paint and the others will scrub up well.

Yesterday Gary took a load of furniture up to Canberra and also the dog Hugo to go and live with his mistress, our daughter Mia. We will miss him and so will Suby, his brother.

I spent yesterday sewing some cushions using Balinese Batik and crisp white cotton. They look so summery. I am very pleased. It took me ages to find just the right antique buttons for them. In the process I sorted out  lots of sets of buttons which I will also take into the shop on Wednesday.

The photo is of some silk cushions I dyed using shibori technique and acid dyes. My next dyeing effort will be with indigo and some handspun wool. I am trying to teach myself simple ikat weaving but it is something which requires a fair amount of time which we have not had over Christmas.

 The big impetus for the creativity is that the Milton Show is on on the first weekend in March and all those projects which have been buzing around in the mind need to be actually made in time. Wish me luck.

I am going to advertise some things now. Firstly a plug for the Milton Show.Its a great community event and the more people who are involved the better it gets.

Secondly I source much of my wool supplies from Christine Sloan at Glenora Weaving. She has a fantastic selection and the service is so good. Check out her website.

Thirdly the EFTAG girls based around Moruya are so creative and their latest  project is the Bodalla Cottage and it seems to have taken really well. It also has a great website.